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Cara's Slimming Waist Trainer™

Take home this classic latex waist trainer and get the waist you have always been dreaming of for FREE!😍❤️

No more spending countless unfruitful hours at the gym! Slim down at YOUR PACE and see measurable results ❤️❤️

For every waist trainer sold, Cara’s Closet will donate proceeds to St. Jude's Hospital  in efforts to support research and treatment for childhood cancer. 

Some benefits of this waist shaper are:

•Fits discretely under most clothing. You can wear this waist trainer virtually with any clothing over it without any discomfort and no one will know you’re wearing.

•Firm but also flexible: This Waist Shaper is made using superior steel bone construction. The 4 steel bones are just as soft as plastic bones but have much better flexibility and recover instantly. This allows for the shaper to be firm enough to take inches off your waist but flexible enough that it won’t impact your day to day activities creating comfort.

•Stretchy and durable: With natural Cotton and a blend of Polyester and Spandex, your new Waist Shaper is built to last.




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Cara's Slimming Waist Trainer™

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